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Packing Tips
Mirrors up to about 16" (400mm) can be sent by post. However, Parcel Force will no longer offer insurance for glass items so sent as a parcel your optics would be uninsured. It is therefore vital that packing of optics is foolproof. Optics sent via Next Day Insured Letter Post will be insured for loss. This is an efficient and reasonably economical service (under £10.00), for items up to 2Kg (4.4lbs). This limits the service to sending nothing much larger than about a 6" (155mm) diameter mirror. Once over 2Kg, even by one gramme, the cost jumps immediately to a little under £20.00, so pack with care. A large mirror sent via this service would probably incur a cost of around £30.00
If you are sending by private courier, shop around or ask our advice for the most ecconomical routes. TNT offer insurance and their 24 hour delivery service for larger items are probably comparable to the 48 hour Parcel Force service.
Customers must make sure they are satisfied they understand the terms of any insurance cover offered.
Packing tips



Wrap your mirror tightly with tissue paper and corrugated paper. By preventing the mirror moving within its' wrapping the surface cannot chafe in transit

Put the mirror into a tight fitting box and tape or tie it into a solid package, this becomes a strong shock-proof mass.

Put this into a much larger box making sure that the mirror is completely surrounded by shock-absorbing packing (ie. foam chips). This ensures that any blows or crushing will be absorbed by the outer packing material. Finally, clearly mark the box with 'Fragile' and 'Glass' labels.

Vacuum Coatings Scientific Mirrors